Monday, 11 April 2016

Why to Write Term Papers

Writing creative and expressive term papers is one of the primary requirements to score a good grade at school and College. Still most students are not very comfortable while expressing their views.
Interacting with vast numbers of students over the years I have come to the conclusion that most students are good at expressing their view points orally rather than in writing. I ask for discussion in class and so many hands in air but if the same thing has to written on paper fewer students are likely to volunteer. Going ahead with this observation I invited students to express their view points on blackboard in class and not surprisingly only two volunteered.
The basic reason behind this sort of behavior is that we all are more comfortable with oral communication as it is less rigid compared to written form. So the mistakes committed have lesser probability of getting noticed.
What should Instructor do to encourage students to write term papers
First and foremost - Make the student understand the purpose achieved through the paper. Once the student understands what purpose the paper will serve he will be more open towards writing term papers.
Writing Term paper serves two purposes -
It checks one's ability to research various source of information available. In today's life we have more data around us than ever in the history and finding way though all of it requires a systematic approach to process all this data into information. This task of filtering information helps students in greater degree of expertise over the subject.
Secondly once the whole information is segregated, articulating it in the most expressive way will go a long way not only in securing higher grades but also preparing students for future challenges in life.

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